Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Where are you based?
A. I’m based in Boston, Massachusetts in the summer and Palm Beach, Florida in the winter, although I photograph weddings in both places year round. There will not be a travel fee for a wedding in either of these areas, any time of year. I photograph weddings in the greater coastal New England area, including but not limited to the south shore towns of Duxbury, Marshfield, Cohasset, Scituate, Plymouth, and Quincy, as well as the north shore. I also photograph the greater Palm Beach area, including but not limited to West Palm Beach, Manalapan, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.
Q. What is your photographic style?
A. My style is photojournalistic at its core, with elements of classic, timeless wedding photography. I follow the events of the day and shoot spontaneously, capturing moments without intruding. I will rarely (with the exception of formal posed shots) interfere and ask you to “look at the camera and smile!” I find that this method allows me to capture the emotion of the day in the most natural, realistic way possible, allowing you to revisit those emotions for years to come!
Q. What about your editing style?
A. You may not even realize that photographers have different editing styles. Mine is clean and timeless. I edit photos to be very true to life, avoiding any editing trends that will make your photos look dated in the years to come. I will always include some black and white edits in your set.
Q. Do you shoot alone or with a second photographer?
A. It depends! There are many weddings I feel comfortable shooting alone, but if you have a very large wedding, 3 or more photography locations, or think you’ll need multiple things photographed at once (ie. bride and groom getting ready), I will suggest we add a second photographer to your package. It’s best to talk it over if you’re unsure and I can help you decide.
Q. Can I send you a list of family photos I’d like taken?
A. Yes! I’ll usually send you a standard shot list about a month before your wedding to get you started, and you can edit from there. Typically I request about a half hour for family photos and a half hour for photos of just the bride and groom, minimum, so keep that in mind when scheduling your day.
Q. Do I need an engagement shoot?
A. No, but they are really nice to have! Engagement shoots are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera in a relaxed environment, and basically practice for the wedding day, as well as get to know one another. The photos are also great to have for save the dates and showing off at the wedding.
Q. Do you have any suggestions of what we should or shouldn’t wear to our engagement shoot?
A. This is a really common question, and there are no hard and fast rules. The most important advice I can give is to wear something you are comfortable in! If you feel great, it will show on camera. Other than that, try to stay away from clothes with logos or distracting patterns. Solids work best. Also, it is most visually appealing if you and your fiancé are coordinating (ie. colors from the same family) but not matching (ie. both wearing white tops and jeans). Take a look at this blog post for some posing tricks, and this pinterest board for outfit ideas!
Q. What do your albums look like?
A. The albums I offer are beautiful, high quality, and timeless. There are several customization options. Check out this blog post about them or my album lookbook.
Q. Do I really need an album?
A. In my opinion, yes! Digital files are great, which is why I include the full set with all of my packages, but there is nothing like holding a beautiful, heirloom album in your hands and flipping through the pages with your children 30 years from now. I remember sitting on the couch with my mom and dad and looking at their wedding album, and my grandma’s wedding album as well, perfectly preserved for years to come. If you just have digital files, how often are you actually going to pull them up and look at them? When friends come over, wouldn’t it be easier to show them an album sitting on your coffee table, than booting up your hard drive and crowding around your computer screen, or worse, iphone? Furthermore, technology is advancing so fast we don’t know what’s going to happen. I used to deliver photos on a CD, then I switched to a flash drive, and now I offer digital jpeg downloads. Who knows what will be next? One thing is for sure though, paper lasts forever and is definitely worth investing in.
Q. Speaking of paper, what kind of print options do you offer?
A. Prints and various other artwork can be purchased directly from the online gallery that I will send a link to after your wedding. I use a professional print lab which will deliver a quality beyond what your local CVS or Walmart can offer. See the answer above for reasons why prints are awesome!
Q. Do you need a meal?
A. I request a meal for weddings over 5 hours. I’m on my feet all day and a hot meal ensures I’m refueled and at my best for the entire evening!
Q. Do you offer video?
A. No. Wedding videography is an entirely different ballgame! Ask for some recommendations of awesome videographers.
Have any questions I didn’t answer here? Contact to learn more!